Bless Unleashed Wiki

Onwards Patsy is a Side Quest that you will unlock if you Purchase the 2nd Campaign in Bless Unleashed

for this particular quest, the player has to rack up 1Million Travel Distance on a mount which can take upto a week a casual gamer or months for someone who dosent use mounts to begin with. so this AFK method can help out anyone who is trying to get 100% in this quest line.

(To Start off, you will be needing something heavy or a normal fidget spinner with a edge is also fine)

Step 1[]

Open User Control settings and set the Mount Controls to TYPE B

ESC > Options > Settings > User Control > Change the mount controls type to B

Step 2[]

Now find a open area where there is no obstacles that you might bump into while you AFK

best places to afk are,

  1. Carzacor, near star seed exchange lady in the middle of the town
  1. Ruins of Tristezza Castle, in the middle there is a spot where npc will train combat, you can afk there in the middle
  1. Sperios City, Near Sentinels Union HQ, anywhere around that part is best to afk

Step 3[]

Summon your mount by pressing "X" and Press "W" two times... that means you have to double press W and then keep something heavy on A or D buttons on your keyboard, now your character should start riding the mount in rounds.

i used an old Batman Fidget Spinner to Hold the D button on place and you can use what ever you want.

took reference from, STEAM GUIDE